“I wouldn’t want to respond to an underwear thief” -Opondo and NRM CEC member exchange bitter words

The NRM Youth League chairperson, Gaddafi Nassur yesterday traded insults with government and party spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo on social media, following a debacle in which the former was involved.

Nassur, early this week was involved in an altercation with President Museveni’s security detail, who accuse him of trying to access the presidential tent during a function at St Henry`s Kitovu grounds in Masaka, where Museveni was meeting leaders from greater Masaka region as part of his wealth creation drive.

The Special Forces Command spokesperson, Capt. Jimmy Omara claimed that Nassur had arrived late for the event when the president had already taken his position, hence he could not be allowed entry.

Nassur, on the other hand, claimed that a one Maj Rurekura who was manning Museveni’s security referred to him as a ‘mwiiru’ (local dialect abuse) and shoved him away, leading to an altercation.

Following the debacle, NRM diehards were split into two camps, with one side sympathetic to Nassur, while the other criticized him for allegedly seeking ‘self-importance’.

One as such was Ofwono Opondo, who claims that Nassur, an NRM CEC member and Youth League chairperson has a ‘false sense of entitlement’.

“In any case, what had he gone to do there? Just tagging themselves around presidential activities for cheap visibility when he should make his own program mobilizing youth,” Opondo added.

Nassur in a tweet reply went bare knuckles, telling Opondo he had no moral authority to address him.

“I wouldn’t want to respond to an underwear thief. You have already made bad publicity for our Party. You have no moral authority to talk mobilization,” he tweeted.

The same tweets from both parties have since been deleted.