Ice Cream and Cake Festival fails to impress

After being bored, the revellers resorted to taking selfi es

Who doesn’t like cake? Who doesn’t like ice cream? And when put together, one would assume that would attract a mammoth crowd. However, the Ice Cream and Cake Festival that was held on Saturday at Uganda Museum did not live up to this expectation.

There was only a trickle of revellers by midday when gates were flung open. It could have been that since there were many events around town last weekend, there weren’t enough revellers to go around. And for the Ice Cream and Cake Festival, the rain dampened the affair further.

The few revellers who attended the festival were not having a good day. They spent a good time in different tents seeking shelter from the rain. And when it stopped raining, things did not move on smoothly. Power glitches kept interrupting the flow of events and the production team did not have generator.

There were times when there was nothing happening on stage. The artistes scheduled to perform such as Spice Diana, Sheebah, Levixone, and DJs Derro, LL and Naselow were nowhere to be seen. It was until DJ Andre took to the stage that there was a semblance of life despite the power glitches.

When the production team finally figured out how to stabilise the sound, Ed Weezy and gospel star Levixone entertained the crowd. Later, DJ Naselow also managed to take to the stage to do his set laced with hype talk and energy