“It was an inside Job” Police report indicates after fourth suspect’s statement

More details have emerged on the Kampala-Entebbe Expressway shooting, where two people were gunned down on Thursday night near Nambigirwa Bridge.

Grace Akullo, the director of the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID), led a team that camped at Entebbe Police Station on Friday to search for more clues on the murder of Joshua Rushegyera Nteireho, 38, and his friend Merina Tumukunde Kamukazi, 37.

Earlier records at the mortuary and Police had identified Tumukunde as Florence Kamukazi. It has emerged that the driver of the ill-fated black Toyota Prado TX number UAW 534B, identified as Timothy, a Police officer, has been arrested.

This brings the number of suspects in Police custody to four, including three Police officers, all attached to the police’s Counter-Terrorism directorate. The officers include Davis Taremwa, Hassan Mugote, and Wilson Atwijukire.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, however, said Timothy was not a suspect, but only recorded a statement of his account prior to the shooting. Timothy said he was not in the vehicle at the time of the murder.

“Of course we are also investigating his (Timothy’s) defense to establish whether he, indeed, is telling the truth,” Enanga said.

Fourth Suspect

According to Enanga, Nteireho requested Taremwa, who was on guard duties at Hidden Treasure, Hotel Entebbe, to escort him to Millennium Hotel in Zzana, where he had a business transaction.

The officer withdrew from his beat and the three drove together to the hotel. The circumstances surrounding their movement from Millennium Hotel up to the stage where the shooting occurred at Nambigirwa Bridge, Mpala are still unclear.

It is what the task team of investigators and forensic experts are working to determine. Enanga said the two other officers who had been picked with Taremwa were being held on ‘disciplinary concerns.

“One officer must explain why he let Taremwa leave his beat, while the one who was guarding with him should explain why he did not report his disappearance from duty,” Enanga said.

The investigators on Friday said Taremwa, who was arrested from his home in Entebbe, was clumsy in his statements.

Attacked from Inside

According to sources, Taremwa broke into his house after he allegedly forgot his keys in the car where the two died. He called a colleague to help him break-in.

The Police were still moving to different places gathering evidence, including Nteireho’s residence, Hidden Treasure Hotel in Entebbe, where Nteireho allegedly booked with Kamikazi before they went to the Millennium Hotel.

Investigations so far reveal that the duo was shot by somebody who was traveling with them in the same car. Police recovered three spent cartridges, 27 bullets, phones and the killer gun that belonged to Taremwa.

“Taremwa says when they reached the Millennium Hotel, Nteireho sent him to call one Ssubi from the hotel so that they could finalize their deal. But that when he came out, he found Nteireho had driven off together with his gun inside,” Enanga said.