Katumba : M7 is like biblical Moses, whilst damning past presidents

Wamala inspecting a guard of honour in Nakasongola on Friday

Past Ugandan presidents used to stay for short periods because the country was still undergoing political experimentation, works state minister Gen. Katumba Wamala has said. The former chief of defense forces said it was not until President Yoweri Museveni came into power that Uganda ceased to be an experimental political ground.

“Before the coming of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government, Uganda was like an experimental ground for presidents. That is why leaders used to come and go after staying for a short time,” Wamala said in Nakasongola over the weekend.

He equated President Museveni to the biblical Moses who delivered the children of Israel from Egypt. Wamala also took a swipe at NRM’s detractors, especially opposition politicians who discredit their country when they go abroad, saying they were not fi t to lead Uganda.

“If it had not been for the sacrifice that was made by these people (Museveni and other guerrilla fighters), we would by now be a failed state like Somalia,” Wamala said.

The army general, who was officiating at a belated NRM Liberation Day ceremony for Nakasongola, said the ‘experimental’ period before the advent of the NRM could not allow development. The function, which took place in Kakooge town, was attended by area Members of Parliament, local council leaders, civil servants and hundreds of residents.

Wamala said if the President and his fighters had not captured power in 1986, Uganda would now be a failed state, where political and economic systems would not be functioning. He said Ugandans had cause to celebrate NRM day because it is the NRM government which reversed the negative path that the nation had taken by reviving the country’s economy.