“Killers use women to lure riders to death”-ISO reveals shocking details on Boda Murders

The Police have arrested over 10 suspects linked to the recent bodaboda cyclists murders. According to Police, new findings indicate that the robbers have devised a new tactic — using women to lure the bodaboda men into the deathtrap.

Col Frank Kaka Bagyenda, the Director General of Internal Security Organisation (ISO), said investigations into the racket of women being used as bait in most of the murders and robberies are ongoing.

“We have noticed a trend where criminals use young girls, especially during the night. After identifying their targets, the criminals, send the girls, who are least expected to be criminals to request for a ride from the bodaboda cyclists. These women then lead the riders into a trap, where the criminals are waiting before they pounce on the riders,” Bagyenda said.

Sources in ISO revealed that the criminals use various weapons, including hammers, and in some cases, guns.

 Some of the arrested suspects include Sulaiman Kamya, a former Flying Squad operative; Isma Mukwaya, Abdu Mulindwa, Bashir Mukungu, Musa Nsereko, and Swalleh Kamoga.

Kamya was arrested after a bodaboda cyclist, identified as Geresom Kibirige, filed a case at Kyegegwa Police Station after he was robbed of his motorcycle during a May attack in Kyengera, “Kibirige’s motorcycle was stolen after he was hit and left for dead. When he filed a case, we traced his motorcycle to Kamya’s home.

It was discovered that a man identified as Abbas Lubowa was the one who attacked Kibirige and rode the motorcycle to Kamya’s home,” said a Police officer at Kyegegwa Police Station. Lubowa was reportedly taken to Kyengera Police Station but was later released under unclear circumstances.

The matter of murders of the riders and robbery of their motorcycles has become a public concern, and it was recently raised on the floor of Parliament as an issue of national importance by Members of Parliament.

The MPs were responding to a petition by bodaboda cyclists, under their umbrella organization, Bodaboda Team Hakuna Mchezo (BOTHAM), led by Sadat Katabira, to Parliament. Katabira noted that at least 10 bodabodas are stolen every day in Kampala, Wakiso, and Mukono. In some cases, the riders were also killed