Letter to Bobi wine that has left People Power supporters amicably shocked

SOME YOUTH ARE BITTER WITH ME THAT I DO NOT SUPPORT HON. KYAGULANYI. That’s how Kituuka began his letter, below is the full version of his letter to PEOPLE POWER community

When Hon. Kiyonga made it to Parliament in 1980 but did not join it as the only UPM candidate, I was a flesher at Makerere University. I was there when it was said that Kiyonga had narrowly escaped the men who hunted for him at Makerere University. I did not support the cause for which Kiyonga stood for that led to the 5 year Bush War. To date, I do not regret it because I never endorsed it.

Experience is the best teacher. Today, a child that has not seen any civil wars is telling me that I should be in People Power. I do not do things that way. If on two occasions I have wished to stand for President of Uganda and made my intentions clear more so via the Internet and fundraised, surely I do not need lectures.

The fans for Kyagulanyi started with being the darling of his music. What he has sung about which is bad in Uganda, I have written volumes about. I am not part of the camps that is Bobi Wine Vs Bebe Cool, to me that is childish and diversionary.

I knew Kyagulanyi as a man who sings about the inconveniences in Uganda society. What the youth in Uganda ought to know is: many people have written about the wrongs in Uganda. To those of us who are serious what is important is the diagnosis.
You can sing 100 and one songs, to me what matters is what you put on paper to address the problem.

When the current constituency Kyagulanyi represents fell vacant, many of us expected logically the FDC guy who had been unjustly treated to go through well in the by-election.

Kyagulanyi because he has his fans, failed to listen to advice that he comes to Parliament in 2021. As I write, the guy who was inconvenienced is currently in Luzira for debts due to the electoral battles.

So, however much you gauge your leaders, I for one tell you that I cannot entrust a guy to a high office of President when in his imagination at such a level refused to listen to advice. We are having problems in Uganda partly because some people push their agendas irrespective of any advice for the common good.

Secondly, even when confronted with the regime as we have now when you want Museveni out of office, it is not a matter of being abusive. There is a need to do things gentlemanly. Many of us are victims of the NRM administration. We express our dissatisfaction with the regime in an appropriate way.

Thirdly, if one wants to be President of Uganda, I imagine that whenever there is an opportunity for dialogue with those in power, one embraces it. We are aware that Hon. Kyagulanyi’s shows are not cleared by the Government.

The President said that Kyagulanyi sabotages the NRM programs. I think the best approach should be dialogue. Kyagulanyi as a man who thinks that he can get power from Museveni should surely allow to meet the President over this matter.

I cannot say that the President is right or wrong, but I believe that there are statements that Kyagulanyi has made that can be annoying in addition to any other issues.

At this time, for example, President Museveni should have told Kyagulanyi why he thinks he (Kyagulanyi) is not qualified for President by 2021. The convoy we see has a reason, the militarism in the country, such that blindly getting support from desperate maybe like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I think it is not a miracle that Museveni has been in office for 33 years without being the overthrow.

Another thing that surprises me is the role of forces that may be externally based that are driving the Kyagulanyi agenda. For anybody to be sure that he can manage Uganda, the people in control must be mainly in Uganda. One needs to be seen around with those who have encyclopedias of knowledge advising him and on various working committees.

Kyagulanyi announced his bid for President of Uganda very prematurely. That was enough to kill the joint mission to come up with a joint Presidential candidate for the opposition.

One wonders: why does Kyagulanyi make such pronouncements? Uganda is not the type of country one can take for granted. If people in positions today tell you that your Presidency cannot work out, they are sincere. Instead of wasting people’s time, you wait for an opportune time.

In a nutshell, according to me, Kyagulanyi yes has staged his shows and to the simple brain poured out the people’s ills, but on a serious note, he has no written document to show how he can make better the Uganda situation. Some of us have grown and understood the issues of Governance very well.

Do not rubbish us simply because you imagine things that cannot be.

This is my opinion why I do not support Kyagulanyi for President, however, I do encourage him to mobilize for bigger numbers of the opposition to join Parliament in 2021.

I know very many youths are bitter when told the truth. Kyagulanyi, unfortunately, is not yet mature to handle the Uganda situation.

I am still looking to some candidate that will democratically be arrived at by the joint opposition. William Kiwanuka Kituuka