Man beheads wife as children watch

Deceased: Justine Kaitesi (R) William Bizimungu (L)

On Saturday, William Bizimungu, armed with a knife, jumped on a bodaboda enroute to Luteete town in Gayaza, Wakiso district, a few kilometres from his home.

This was shortly after a village meeting, summoned by the area LCI chairperson, to resolve the differences between him and his wife Justine Kaitesi. Bizimungu is said to have returned home at around 11:00pm after sharpening his “killer” knife.

The couple’s children say when their father entered the house, he put his hands around their mother’s neck and squeezed hard. He then cut off her breasts, before beheading her. “On Saturday, daddy told mummy that he would kill her.

I advised her to leave, but she said God would protect her. She asked me that if she left, who will protect us?” the couple’s 12-year-old daughter, said. Neighbours said family members and the local council authorities had failed to reconcile the couple.

They said they forced their way into the house on Saturday night following wild screams from the children and the deceased, but they were too late to save Kaitesi. “After killing his wife, he came out of the house and celebrated.

He also asked neighbours to kill him: They beat him to pulp before Police officers rescued him,” Jawuhara Nakakawa, who was among the first people at the scene, told our reporter yesterday. Bizimungu was taken to Mulago Hospital for treatment.

Nakakawa said Kaitesi complained that her husband had neglected the family. She said the couple were sleeping in separate bedrooms within the house by the time of the incident. Neighbours said Bizimungu never took care of his family even when he had the financial means to do so.

During the LC1 meeting on Saturday morning, it was agreed that Bizimungu gives Kaitesi at least sh10,000 every day to buy food for the children. An agreement was also signed to this effect. The meeting was attended by Bizimungu, Kaitesi and other family members.

Local council members told our reporter that it was also decided that four out of the seven rentals owned by Bizimungu be given to the wife to earn some monthly income. Kaitesi had also asked for sh1m capital to start a business, but Bizimungu told the LC meeting that he could only afford to give her sh300,000.

Last year, Bizimungu, a bodaboda rider in Luteete, was involved in a nasty accident, which forced him to stop working. The motorbike was repaired and loaned to another person, who used to remit sh54,000 to Bizimungu every week.

The family also supplemented this monthly income with rental fees and a milk sale business. However, LC1 officials said Bizimungu did not share the money with family members, leaving his wife to suffer a lonely financial battle with the children’s daily needs.

The couple has three children, with their last-born aged two years.

“The truth is, the woman had suffered during her marriage with that man. But she decided to stay for the sake of their children.

“When I heard her cry for help, I rushed to the house. But the door was locked. I found a big brick and used it to break the door. He left his wife and then turned to attack me, knife in hand. Scared, I run out to call for more help,” Nakakawa said.

Justine Nalweyiso, another neighbour, said:

“Women stomach a lot of problems, but I think Kaitesi should have left the man. However, it seems she had nowhere to go. It is sad because the children will not forget what has happened.”

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