Mayinja summoned over mobile phone theft

After a 2 hour interview at his home in Munyonyo, musician Ronald Mayinja has made off with observer’s reporter Yudaya Nangozi’s mobile phone.

Mayinja first demanded that the audio recording be deleted, saying it was going to land him in trouble with the state.

He took off and temporarily locked the reporter in his home, falsely claiming she’d trespassed into his home – never mind that he voluntarily agreed to the interview, directed the reporter into the home, sat and talked for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

He later changed his accusations, again falsely, claiming the reporter had taken photos of his naked children

He has since offered to buy the reporter a new mobile phone, saying he has permanently destroyed the old one together with its SD card and SIM card.

A case of phone theft SD:REF 29/7/1/2021 has been filed at Salama Road police station. Mayinja has been summoned to make a statement tomorrow at 10am.

Case: Theft of phone
Complaint: Yudaya Nangozi 
Suspect: Mayinja Ronald

The Observer demands the immediate return of their reporter’s mobile phone.