Mbonye: “Bobi wine will never be president unless he kneels and kisses my feet”

Many people have been talking about who is going to be the next president of Uganda come 2021. Will it be Bobi wine, Kizza Besigye or the incumbent president will extend his rule. All these questions seem to make less meaning to Mbonye who has prophesized the next president is to be picked by him.

“We have always said it plainly that no one will become president of Uganda after Museveni without reporting to Zoe Grounds before Prophet Elvis Mbonye.” His Facebook post read

“When we talk like that, some people imagine we are thinking so much of ourselves. While others think we’re blowing ourselves out of proportion.” He added

The self-proclaimed prophet attacked Bobi wine when he said that a downtown artist has surfaced promising his supporters victory through music and other revolutionary elements. It should be remembered that Bobi wine composed a song known as Tuliyambala Engule where he prophesized victory after the downfall of Museveni.

“I’m even told there is a downtown artist who thinks he can lead this nation. Even though we’re tired of the current one, this would be a situation of out of the frying pan into the fire. He has meanwhile won himself a huge following that includes people who should know better.” A part of the post read.

The post continued to mark Bobi wine’s claims of victory as a total hoax and that all of his efforts will end in total failures like that of counterpart in South Africa Malema.

“Meeehn!!! Darkness ain’t a joke!!! Anyhow, compared to the things we deal with, that guy does not need a prophecy. Because we know his end, We have chosen to let him wallow in delusions of grandeur for a season. It was disheartening though to see a super career journalist forsaking the path of life to pursue doom.”

One of Mbonye staff continued to mark Bobi wine as a messenger of the devil when he said that Bobi wine that the devil is trying to replace the regime in Uganda with much darker darkness.

“You see, because of this Prophet, the winds of change are blowing vehemently over this land. And so, men are increasingly tapping into their reverberations.”

“This is why anyone other than the current one who seems to command a huge following will easily appeal to the people. Now you know why highly educated people are also lining up behind a downtown artist.”

“At the same time, because the devil is unable to contend with these winds of change, he is so keen on replacing the current darkness with darker darkness. But just because a man promises to deliver men from the current darkness does not make him God’s choice.”

The rest of the speech was about how Mbonye prophesized the outcome of the election in America and that anything won’t happen in Uganda despite the awareness of Mbonye. The rest of the speech is written down

“In 2016, while nearly the whole world stood behind Clinton, this prophet declared that a certain man would trump a certain lady. Not even votes could stand in the way of his word!!!!
So where is your confidence? Is it in juju or votes or media or guns? The potency of this prophet’s words transcends all these.

While many think we’re threatening, the time is nigh that these claims will cease to be a debate but rather a reality in the face of this nation. Could it be that we’re taking our time because we’re preparing the next president? Think broadly, please.

If this Prophet appointed Trump over a nation Uganda looks up to, then Uganda must be chick marsh to him. Put in another way, it’s needless to ask a man who eats glass if he is able to eat gourds.

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