Mirundi’s statement on ‘Bizzemu’ Saga that has left NRM and Bobi supporters surprised

Tamale Mirundi has given reasons as to why President Museveni attended Catherine Kusasira’s music concert at Serena Hotel.

While appearing on Top Radio Tamale Mirundi said that ” Maama Kajanja (Catherine Kusasira) is very stupid, she never went to school.”

He added that ” Ronald Mayinja scored cause he gave the platform for President M7 to address the killings in the country. Mayinja helped the President, he wanted to show him what’s happening in the country but Museveni’s response was not good.”

Tamale’s Full statement

Museveni told him that in the past Governments were the one’s killings people but in his government killers are killing people.

I agree with his statement but the part B of his statement was wrong. There are mafias who kill people in his government. So Maama Kajanja and other people blaming Mayinja are fools they don’t know the message in that song.”

“President Y.K Museveni, to start attending music events, what does this show?” Tamale Mirundi asked

No!!! As President was busy attending the Kusasira events, President Kenyatta was endorsing football players, which means people, especially Ugandans, have lost trust in the educated elites.

Now you will see professors going to kusasira a musician to link them to president Museveni.

Two, you must thank Bobiwine, I asked you is Bobiwine a revolution or victory ?? , he has revolutionized the society, he has rebranded Musicians, You must thank Bobiwine otherwise if he did not come, you wouldn’t have known the powerful potential of musicians.

Three, Kusasira has a short term strategy, a wise one would say, I can’t sing when fellow musician is not allowed to sing but if you don’t do that, it means you have pinned your self to this government, what if it collapses what do you do?

Even this man, Bobiwine God will reward him because he is also strong like us, However much you have suffocated him (Bobiwine), still he has not done what you want!!..

These are the people we want, me personally I can trust such people.