MP Zaake Clarifies on Ziggy’s Police Report of dying due to Motor Accident

Comrades I own an almost similar bike, just that mine is a Yamaha, the ones you see are Honda Steeds but still, they are different…

When I look at these two pics, this is what I see;

1. These are clearly two different bikes. One is blue white and black, the other is red and black.

2. One has a personalized number plate the other has a regular number plate.

3. One has a broken light the other doesn’t.

4. The handle bars are different.

5. One has side mirrors, the other doesn’t

6. One has a Honda Steed bumper, the other has a Yamaha Dragstar bumper.

7. I have had two accidents on my dragster, I can authoritatively confirm that the two bikes had no accident of recent. If indeed Ziggy, had had an accident on a bike that left him the way he looked before death would be so damaged. The front bumper would be either broken if it was plastic or dented if was metallic. I see no scratches on the color of alleged accident bike, none whatsoever.

8. However, I see a similar army helmet as that on bike Ziggy is seated on, on the bike that Patrick Onyango is holding. That type of helmet would be cracked if he had had an accident of the magnitude that cost a grave injury to one of his eyes. It doesn’t look to be damaged at all.

9. The bike we see Ziggy Wine sitting on has no chain cover, the one that allegedly had an accident has a chain cover. How is that possible?!

Conclusion, let the police make thorough investigations to ascertain the exact death of Ziggy Wine because this accident story doesn’t add up. Desist from lying, get facts!

I ride a bike, I know what am saying.