MP Zaake in fresh trouble as 1000 bibanja holders face evictions

Over 1,000 people have told the chairperson of the Uganda Bibanja Holders Association, Haji Ahmed Luwalira, that they are being threatened with eviction.

The Bibanaja holders are scared as they fear the same event to happen to them as it happened to Bobi Wine A.K.A Kyagulanyi constituents member in the infamous Lusanja Evictions. They have called out to MP Zaake to aid them in any way he can.

The people affected are residents of nine villages in Kabule parish, Ttamu division in Mityana municipality, where land wrangles have freshly surfaced.

“We have tried to approach some people and institutions but the rate at which landlords are evicting people is worrying. If no immediate interventions made, many are going to face eviction,” James Kaweesa, the chairperson of Kabule parish, said.

Kaweesa said there were several individuals claiming-ownership of land in the nine villages. The claims were made on Friday during a meeting that Luwalira held with the residents.

Many narrated how they were living in fear of eviction. Luwalira asked the residents to remain united and promised to take up thematter with relevant authorities.

“Now that we have our association, we shall use it as a voice for such issues and I hope we shall be successful,” he said.

However, Luwalira said there were leaders who had failed to help bibanja-holders and instead support landlords. He cited a district leader who acted as a landlord’s lawyer and threatened to evict residents of Busimbi Railway village, in Mityana municipality.

However, the residents of Busimbi said they had earlier hired the same lawyer and when they failed to pay him, he switched sides and worked as the landlord‘s lawyer.