MPs fail to declare wealth, blame Parliament ICT system

Ruth Nankabirwa, the Government Chief whip, during the plenary session of

Politicians and government officials have up to March 31, to declare their wealth to the Inspector General of Government (IGG). The Leadership Code Act demands that all public leaders shall declare their wealth to the IGG every after two years.

The law states that leaders who, without reasonable cause, fail to comply with this request, are liable to a warning or caution, dismissal or vacation of office. However, some Members of Parliament (MPs) have complained that they cannot access the link to register themselves into the IGG Online Declaration System (IGODS), using their computers within the precincts of Parliament.

Amos Lugolobi, the Ntengeru North MP, said:

“On Tuesday, when I opened my e-mail, I received a code guiding me to fill in the digital forms. However, it has failed to open. “When I contacted ICT department, I was given a technician, who also failed to open the link. Even the IGG website failed. Then I called the IGG helpline, who directed me to go to the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, where they have established a Leadership Support System(LSS), to register onto the IG-ODS, where I registered from.”

Kotido Municipality MP Peter Abraham Looki said:

“If the system fails persistently, I will raise the issue as a matter of national importance before the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga.”

An MP who preferred anonymity said:

“When I logged on my laptop, it did not respond to IGG Online Declaration System IG-ODS. I contacted the ICT department and they advised me to use the Parliament desktop, which also failed.”

Annet Nyakecho, the ICT committee chairperson, who is also the Tororo North County MP, said:

“I have not yet filled the digital wealth declaration forms. However, I have heard that other MPs have encountered ICT related problems.”

Buhweju County MP Francis Mwijukye said:

“I have not filled the forms, however, I will declare my wealth to the IGG, before the end of this week.”

The MP for Busujju County in Mityana district, David Kalwanga said:

“I warn fellow legislators to fear the IGG more than any other public officer because the Speaker of Parliament and the Electoral Commission chairman are bound by her orders to sack an MP and to block him or her from contesting for any parliamentary seat for the next five years.”

 Parliament has a total of 459 MPs, but by yesterday, it was not known the number of MPs who had successfully registered. The IGG spokesperson, Ali Munira, said:

“Close to 10,000 public officers have successfully submitted their digital application to the IGG. However, we expect over 25,000 public officials to submit.” She warned the MPs that the March 31, deadline would not be extended because politicians are not exceptions, and that they must comply with the law, like others.