MPs Seek Penalties for Motorists who Splash Water on Pedestrians.

A cross-section of legislators is proposing penalties against drivers who splash water on pedestrians.

Such incidences have been common, in parts of Kampala, where a number of roads are covered in potholes, logged with water and poor drainage systems.

In some instances, drivers who splash pedestrians reconcile with just an apology, while in most cases, they drive off leaving the drenched pedestrians astonished.

But Ayivu County MP Bernard Atiku says road users must be held accountable for their actions.

He urges the Ugandan government to emulate the United Kingdom which charges hefty fines from drivers who splash pedestrians with water from the road while driving.

The Road Traffic Act in the United Kingdom makes it an offence to drive without reasonable consideration for other persons.

The law provides a maximum punishment of 5,000 British Pounds (24 million Shillings) in instances where driving amounts to a clear act of incompetence, selfishness, impatience or aggressiveness.

Hon Baptist Nambeshe, the Manjia county Member of Parliament says Uganda needs to restore sanity on the roads, and ensure that each road user enjoys the same rights.

He adds that the Traffic and Road Safety Bill, which is now before parliament should consider tough penalties for road users who run off after splashing water on pedestrians.