Museveni & Gov’t to start outlining their achievements ahead of 2021 since 1986

President Museveni

The Government is launching a special pull-out to communicate and engage with the public on its achievements and plans.

The special pull-out will feature every day in New Vision, from tomorrow, till Saturday.

Vincent Waiswa Bagiire, the permanent secretary in the information and communications technology innovation (ICT) ministry, said the pull-out is the first of its kind.

He added that it will set the pace for others, where Government advertising and public relations are concerned.

“The Government seeks to communicate to the public what the various ministries, departments and agencies of Government are doing in detail. It will be putting the advertising and public relations funds to more efficient use,” Bagiire said.

“We want to communicate the gains and successes of the various ministries, departments and agencies in a bid to increase access to information,” he added.

The ministry, going forward, shall provide leadership and co-ordinate all media under a centralized media buying framework.

This new approach, according to Bagiire, is meant to streamline the management of public sector communication, enhance efficiency, ensure consistency through standardized messaging and dissemination.

Bagiire said Cabinet made a directive to centralize media buying with the ICT and national guidance ministry.

“It is expected to lead to harmonized government communication, cost-saving, improved citizen awareness and participation in government programs that will enhance service delivery