Museveni replies Bobi wine concerning his plans of ousting him in 2021

President Yoweri Museveni before joining more than 50 heads of state for a three- day summit (TICAD) expected to start today decided to take time to reply to some of the comments and questions asked him on the internet.

TICAD ((Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development) is organised once in three years. This year’s meeting is the seventh time it is being convened and more than 50 African leaders are expected in Yokohama city. The meeting has been held alternately in Japan and Africa since 2016.

“Greetings, again. I thank all the people that read my message and those who responded. I have been using the flying hours to Yokohama, Japan to read through your comments and prepare responses to some of you” Museveni Begun by greeting Ugandans.

While I prepare a longer response, allow me to make immediate replies to a few people. 

Godie K Mugabe asked about taxing NSSF, Hon. Matia Kassaija and Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Uganda him on this issue. I do not have that information.

Dr. Jane Aceng and Ministry of Health- Uganda, you have a cost-free inspection report from Bosco Must GO. Use it to get the truth. Bosco, check for me after two weeks if there is any change for the better. If no change, alert me through the same channel.

Sober Muzzukulu via twitter using @stevekizire said the message was sent by Wanyama Don Innocent to “kuzanyira kumitwe gy’abantu”. No that was not Don, It was the old man, himself. When necessary, I will directly come in to challenge wrong ideas, or, to emphasize the right ideas. Ideas are the compass of progress.

Muwanga Moses, thanks me for clarifying and is considering voting for me for the first time. Your comments challenge the NRM leaders to be more persuasive. Our track record is unrivaled. They have a heritage that they should be proud of and that they should share with the others. I thank Moses for considering joining the Revolution.

Tonny Okello is” a bit impressed” with my answers. He, however, says that it is not me who is answering. Hence, here I am, Yoweri Museveni. Kopango Tonny. Tie maber? Apoyo, Rubanga. Dr. Jane Aceng , please, heed Okello’s issue with the Emergency Dept of Mulago.

Mwaka Simon Peter thought that I would not have time to answer all those questions. It is, of course, true that I am hard-pressed for time. However, the issue of the socio-economic stagnation of the 68% of our households and their eventual deterioration with the deaths of the heads of families, has gone on for so long.

Our direct advice to the population ever since 1995 notwithstanding, I have now resolved not only to work through emissaries [MPs, Chairmen, Councillors, etc), but to also use all direct channels to the population. Social – media addresses those with smartphones who are 8million in number. Thanks for joining me for 2021. I did not get well what Lisha Sophy Jeremiah said.

Angel Jaspa, loves the Old man omu bwati. Long live Angel. Webale nyo.

EriRwanda through twitter handle @EriRwanda, with bullets, accuses me of torturing Rwandans who live in Uganda and of supporting Kayumba. We have discussed all this, not only with President Kagame, but also with the other regional leaders: H.E Kenyatta, H.E Lorenco, H.E Tshisekedi, H.E Magufuli, and H.E Sassou Nguesso. However, I refuse to discuss interstate matters in the press, including social media.

Godfrey Begumisa (Twitter-@GodfreyBegumis2), tells Bobi Wine to go to the bush if he wants power. That is not necessary. Politics is about competing policies. Our policy is well stated. Let the others also state theirs. If they do not have anything different, then support what is on the ground.

Spider Web (Twitter- @stevekizire) has a plan for commercial farming and wants Jajja to help and he/she is no longer going to work for the stomach. How do I get Spider web? Although I do not want to conclude business on social – media because it will be unsustainable, but for spider Web, I will make an exception. Send me your contact inbox sweet muzukullu – mwijukuru muruungyi. He ended his answers with this being the last question.

“TICAD is a summit-level international conference that focuses on the socio-economic development of Africa,” according to a press statement from Museveni’s Presidential Press Unit.

The hosting period was shortened to three years since TICAD VI (2016), was held for the first time in Africa (Nairobi, Kenya). Other African leaders whose attendance is confirmed include, Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa, Ibrahim Boubakar Keita of Mali, Edgar Lungu of Zambia and Macky Sall of Senegal.

At the previous meeting (TICAD 6), Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, disclosed that Africa was expected to benefit from a $30b investment package by 2018, including a $10b investment in infrastructural development.

Activities at the Tokyo meeting will include the main deliberations by presidents, heads of state and government representatives. But there will also be a number of side events for countries to engage in bilateral talks with Japan which is the hosting nation.