Museveni to Bobi “You’ll pay a huge price for misleading my Bazukkulu”

In his letter dated 4th/April Museveni questioned the way the opposition figures especially Besigye and Bobi wine condemning them for misleading poor Ugandans.

ON holding processions and rallies Museveni advised the two to wait for 2021 or should have good intentions to be allowed to hold the rallies.

You cannot be rallying and processioning for an illegitimate reason – preaching lies, preaching sectarianism, preaching hate. Those who made the mistake of tolerating such bogusness paid a heavy price Did you see the massacre in New Zealand? How about the ones in Sri Lanka recently, in France, in Belgium, in Norway, etc.? Museveni said in his letter.

Museveni was addressing the nation especially Young Ugandans (He refers to beingBazukulu). The Duo (Bobi wine & Besigye) have been in numerous scuffles with security agencies.

Top Politicians bringing headache to Museveni

Besigye had been forced off radio stations numerous times in Mbarara, Jinja ,Mubende and other areas, Whereas his his ally Bobi wine had been subjected to Imprisonment and banning of Music shows on grounds of inciting violence in Public.

” Therefore, if you want to assemble publicly or to hold a procession, it must be for a legitimate reason. If it is to preach hate, to decampaign investments in Uganda, etc., then we shall not allow you” Museveni added to his words

He said if they’re to deviate from his advise they’re bound to pay huge prices as other rogue politicians have paid.

” Those who have ignored this logic have paid a heavy price. Besides, it is really criminal to get actors who create unnecessary controversy when Uganda is making so much progress. Of course, there are also problems”