Nagirinya murder: Police arrests the Mastermind of the heinous deal

Police have arrested what they described as the mastermind in the double kidnap and eventual murder of Nagirinya and Ronald Kitayimbwa last month.

The unnamed suspect, according to the police, was the chief plotter of the heinous deal, together with another suspect, Copriano Kasolo, who has already been charged in court.

“Police and the chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) are working around the clock to interrogate and gather information about the crime,” Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson, told the media yesterday The arrest now brings to five, the total number of suspects arrested over the murder.

Nagirinya and Kitayimbwa’s bodies were recovered in Nakituttulu, Nama Sub-county, on the Mukono-Kayunga road on August 30, this year.

Nagirinya, a former staff of Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) was kidnapped at around 11:00 pm at her home in Lungujja- Busega, Kampala.

Kitayimbwa, who was driving her at the time, was also taken with her and killed. According to Enanga, Police also has information that there is a third bodaboda rider (still at large), who facilitated the process of the kidnap.

“This third boda boda rider facilitated the process together with Nassif Kalyango. “The two had their bodabodas parked aside as they watched the kidnap take place. Their role was to act as emergency get-away cyclists in the event that the kidnappers had failed to accomplish their mission,” Enanga explained.

Enanga said the bodaboda who is still at large, rode ahead of Nagirinya’s vehicle after the kidnap, made surveillance of the murder scene in Mukono Ttaka-junge and ensured that it was a safe place to execute the two hostages.