New details emerge on the murder of Boda Boda cyclist

New details have emerged about the two men who were caught on camera as they strangled a bodaboda cyclist before taking off with his motorcycle in Rubaga division.

The cyclist was yesterday identified as Derrick Mulindwa from Busunju in Mityana district, but residing in Nabweru, Nansana municipality, Wakiso district. Mulindwa was identified by a woman who has been doing laundry work for him, after watching the video clip of killing.

Mulindwa reportedly relocated from his place of birth a few months ago following a land conflict and chose to start a new life in Kampala. In the footage, Mulindwa is seen carrying two men on a motorcycle and later stopping in a dimly lit, secluded suburb of Rubaga.

As soon as one of the passengers disembarks, his accomplice places Mulindwa in a chokehold and hurls him to the ground. One of the men gets the bike onto its wheels while the other dashes back to a certain spot from where he retrieves a hammer and uses it to smash Mulindwa’s head.

The killers later flee with his motorcycle. Contrary to earlier reports, the incident occurred at 11:37 pm on Saturday.

New details emerge

Investigators have since established that the two young men captured on the CCTV strangling Mulindwa have been involved in similar gruesome murders at the same place. Our sources have seen another video recording of a previous incident in which one of the thugs is seen killing another bodaboda cyclist at the exact spot.

The incident happened on April 1 and was also captured on CCTV. Four men are seen lurking in the same area before one of them leaves and shortly later returns as a passenger on a bodaboda at about 11:00 pm. The four men then pounce on the bodaboda cyclist, hitting him on the head with what appears to be hammered.

One of the thugs involved in the Mulindwa murder is also visible in the April 1 footage, which suggests that he has been involved in multiple murder and bodaboda robbery incidents. The CCTV footage being analyzed by experts was obtained from one of the residents staying in the neighborhood.

The thugs were also captured on security cameras installed at the junction near Muteesa I Royal University campus. Police investigators have been trying to piece together CCTV footage obtained from different surveillance points.

Addressing a press conference yesterday, Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said Police will use facial recognition technology to identify the thugs behind the murders.

Mark Matovu, the deputy chairperson of Kakeeka in Rubaga division, blamed the insecurity in the area on landlords who are reluctant to disclose the identity of their tenants. He said many foreigners are renting homes in the area, but landlords have refused to submit the names of their tenants to the authorities.