“No room to negotiate with Museveni” Rwanda’s Paul kagame slams Museveni

Paul Kagame

The president of Rwanda has come out to talk about the ongoing cold war between Uganda and his country saying that there is no hope or future of resolving the crisis through negotiation or round table.

“I don’t believe that mediation there will be mediation. I already told Yoweri that everything rests on him”

Paul Kagame

This remarks were made during an interview with a popular French magazine known Jeune Afrique formed in the 1960s in the capital of Tunisia Tunis. In this interview he was answering a question forwarded to him by the journalist who was curious if there is room for round table negotiation on the ongoing Rwanda-Uganda rift.

Kagame also warned Museveni to stop lying to Ugandans that He has no grudge against Rwanda. Kagame went on to say that the solution to this crisis is in hands of Museveni himself.

These remarks undermine all diplomatic means the standoff could be solved from. It should be noted that Kagame ordered the Rwandan army to carry out serious military drills, this saga prompted his Ugandan counterpart Museveni to embark on nationwide tour of army bases both land and air force barracks.

Kagame also informed the French magazine that the evidence he has against Museveni and his general of trying to destabilize Rwanda cannot be refuted ever since he started providing the details of Museveni’s agenda.

“Kampala offers help and logistical facilities to people from south Africa, Burundi,DR Congo, Canada and Europe, who gather and meet in Uganda’s capital to plot the overthrow of government and destabilization of Rwanda. Our information comes from multiple channels including leaders we planted in these rebel camps.”

Kagame president of Rwanda

Response from Ugandan government officials should not be expected because of the presidential directive issued by Museveni prohibiting officials to reply to Kagame through media means. But lately Uganda’s foreign minister Sam Kuteesa dismissed Rwanda’s claim as nonsense and baseless accusations.

“Rwanda knows this very well as it has been a matter of confidential communication at the highest level of the two countries. Uganda doesn’t and can’t allow anyone to operate from its territory that threatens a neighbor as alleged”

Kuteesa Foreign Minister of Uganda