Notorious Boda Boda Murderers have been arrested by police

The hunt for the killers of a boda-boda rider in Rubaga has come to a summary end thanks to CCTV cameras that were installed by the Government.

The two men strangled and hit the rider with rocks on the head after he had delivered them to their destination.

Luckily, they were captured by cameras at a nearby school. The harrowing footage was shared widely by police until today when the killers were identified and cornered.

The police revealed that it has used facial recognition technology to nab the murderers, the police further wishes to appreciate the public for the vigilance.

However the police refused to comment whether these are the same boda-boda murderers in the horrifying video that circulated online.

We are still yet to ascertain the possibility that these could be a different murderous group or belonging to the same group where the murderers seen in the video of a gruesome murder in Rubaga that drove the nation to shock.

This is a developing story, names of suspects and other details to follow as the story keeps on unfolding. Together, we shall defeat crime in all its forms!