NRA’s Top daughter official in hiding after receiving death threats from UPDF General

Patricia Magara, the daughter of departed second National Resistance Army (NRA) commander, Lt Col. Sam Emmanuel Magara, now lives in fear for her life.

Patricia who has served on the president’s legal team, on Thursday morning sent out a message that her life was in danger.

“I am sending out this tweet at 3:22 am because a threat has been registered on my life,” said Patricia.

“I don’t know what will happen to my children but at least someone knows now.”

The development comes high on the heels of the arrest of her husband, Sam Buchanan.

She said a Top UPDF General is threatening her life due to activities Her Husband was involved in.

“We are after you… you will find yourself lying down in a pool of your own blood,” The first text read.

“If we can’t find you, we’re going to find your kids.” Another message from the General read. However, the General’s identity has been concealed

Her husband a businessman was this week remanded to Kigo prison for alleged unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition. He was arrested by military intelligence agents this past week.

Buchanan appeared before the Makindye based General Court Martial chaired by Lt. Gen Andrew Gutti who read for him the charges.

Prosecution led by Maj Samuel Maserejje told the court that on August 16, 2019, Buchanan a resident of Buziga in Makindye division was found in possession of a pistol and 18 rounds of live ammunition, which are ordinarily a monopoly of defense forces.

ChimpReports reported that Patricia, a strong supporter of the NRM government, had secured a habeas corpus to compel security services to free her husband in vain.

Patricia’s father LT COL Samuel Emmanuel Magara then a rebel commander was killed by Government forces during the Milton Obote regime.

Martin Mwesiga (her uncle) then a rebel was also killed by Government forces during the Idi Amin regime, he was in the company of the current President while in Maluku estate to check on their fellow rebel associates.

It is this same incident where President Museveni survived by leaping over a fence followed by a spray of bullets. They were spying and mobilizing fighters against the Amin government.

Patricia who was born in exile in 1978, returned to Uganda in 1979, and her family again fled in 1981, months after the late Magara took a lead role in the attack on Kabamba barracks. He was among those who planned and carried out the attack on February 6, 1981.