NRM Bosses write to Museveni concerning Bobi wine’s revolution

According to an insider within NRM party, the CEC members have come quite bamboozled with President Museveni’s way he has been handling Bobi wine’s Influence.

Just recently the police played a dumb trick on Bobi wine when they allowed him to host his Easter Kyarenga concert but at a last minute they went up against their own words and blocked bobi wine.

The NRM boss menmbers have seen this according to our source as a trick by Bobi wine of making NRM government look scared and threatened by his influence.

They have advised Museveni to give elderly advice to Bobi wine as he has been doing on several occasions. It should be remembered that at a certain time Museveni challenged Bobi wine’s interest in presidency by urging to concentrate & specialize in the Music Industry.

Unfortunately, the ghetto gladiator has been denied opportunities to entertain his fans. Against this state of affairs, that it’s becoming a public secret that there is state panic over a man who is believed that his whole music legacy outruns his political aspirations

“If we continue to trade Bobi Wine in Newspapers on a daily basis, then we’re giving him a mileage to assume a position of importance and attention he does not deserve” one of the CEC member said.

“Broadly speaking, there’s still so much he has to offer. Else, treating him this way, brings him close to chambers of recordable history worthy of long battle men like Nelson Mandela”

This has come when president Museveni is on a state visit to Zimbabwe to participate in an economic forum. In Zimbabwe Museveni was welcomed with huge anti museveni demonstrations by the youth who were condemning him of autocracy

The NRM members also showed grievances of the way foreign powers are coming up to defend bobi wine by showing keen interest in Uganda’s internal politics.

Recently the american embassy wrote to government asking it to explain the un lawful detention of Bobi wine at his own house without any criminal offence.