NRM leaders in Bunyoro defect to People Power after losing 500acres of land to Money lender

A prominent NRM leader in Bunyoro, Rt Hon Henry Muganwa Kajura (83yrs) has lost his ancestral home in Kitoba to a money lender who lent him money during the 2016 elections

The money lender in the names of Ssali has already transferred the land title into his names after numerous court cases in the commercial court.

This has left Mzee Kajura and his supporters in the area saying that the party has not helped him and yet he borrowed money to facilitate the NRM campaigns in the district.

Source close to Kajura have revealed that Mzee Kajura is contemplating going to court to be declared bankrupt in order to save his only property where all his family members were buried.

A section of NRM diehards are also annoyed with the party for failing to help the man who sacrificed a lot for the party and yet the President is busy giving out cars to the likes of Bebe cool and Kusasira, but can’t rescue the man who diligently and was very loyal to the party President.

A big number of these Leaders & cadres have threatened to defect to The People Power Team  if Mzee Kajura is left to lose his property anyhow.