One soldier injured in shoot out between LDU & UPDF in a scuffle

There has been a scuffle when gunshots were heard due to a fight between UPDF soldier assigned to guard Christine Umuhoza Mbabazi a former girlfriend of the late AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi and LDU personnel.

The Injured guard whom we were able to get his first name only Albert was left in a car and the other three went inside a hospital to check on the health condition of Christine. The incident happened outside a clinic known as Agali Top Clinic in Mutundwe owned by Doctor Nelson Mutyaba.

This happened at 6 pm outside the hospital, he decided to stay inside the car in order not to scare people in the hospital with his gun. As he was inside resting a group of 12 LDU village guards surrounded him demanding him to relinquish his gun.

Albert undermined the LDU guards referring to them as amateurs and wannabes before him explaining that he is a soldier assigned to protect someone of importance, he was shot a bullet in his leg.

It was a horrific moment and many residents decided to lock themselves inside their homes on hearing the gunshots.

Joyce Luyima one of the witnesses said that “A  salon car numbered UAM 356P was parked on sideroad behind a pawn shop across the road. A man holding a gun was visibly seen from any angle wearing casual clothes”

“After  some time we saw LDU Guards surrounding and meantime gunshots were heard forcing us to lock ourselves inside our homes”

Albert was taken inside the hospital by his comrades who came to his rescue on hearing the gunshots. The LDU guards decide to follow them inside the hospital and asking for the whereabouts of the Lady who was being guarded by these UPDF soldiers.

The Nurse who decided not disclose her identity said that the LDU came specifically asking for the lady accompanied by the four UPDF soldiers and since gunshots were heard hospital guards had become vigilant and Mbabazi was hidden somewhere safe.

This has left many wondering what was the intention of the LDU shooting the soldier without hearing his own statement.