”Only Old Fools rule beyond 3 Presidential Terms” Kagame speaks out

Rwandan President H.E Paul Kagame re-affirmed his supporters and his fellow country men that he won’t be seeking another presidential term beyond the designated 3 terms he has led his country.

Kagame joined his fellow presidents who announced that they won’t be seeking more terms so as to enable other capable leaders to carry on with developing their respective countries. These include Nkurunziza of Burundi, Magufuli of Tanzania and Uhuru of Kenya.

Speaking on why He won’t be seeking a fourth term, Kagame revealed that Only Greedy Fools seek to die ruling which is not the case for himself.

President Paul Kagame also revealed that his wish is to see a woman succeeding him in leading Rwanda when he retires.

“My wish is that one day, a woman takes up this position that you gave me,” Kagame told delegates during the Nation Address at the 17th National Annual Dialogue last Thursday.

It should be noted that Kagame in 2017 previously made similar remarks when he said that he “can only accept” to run for a third term after being persuaded by the Rwandan population.

Kagame is credit for Rwanda’s Economic Growth Transformation and Uniting of the Rwandans since the bloody ‘Rwandan Genocide’