OP-ED: Where M7 erred & Why Magufuli refused to subdue on country Lockdown

Magufuli Tanzanian president, unlike most African leaders is smart and selfless.

People are angry or rather shocked he’s not buying the Western fear.

China sold the fear to the whole world, and they’ve won the trade war against USA.

Coronavirus will never be worse than HIV, CANCER, EBOLA or SARS. I speak as a medic. A microbiologist, Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The point is, our government is corrupt, so is our President’s Cabinet and Mafia. 

They’ll continue selling fear to people and non existent cases as long as they’re getting funds and loans from WHO and other International organizations.

Magufuli refused Chinese loans, and he also knows what all this fear mongering entails. It’s something I have never agreed with.

How many people have recovered in Uganda after contracting Coronavirus? Many. And how many recovered from cancer, HIV or EBOLA? None

Coronavirus has been made a big deal for a reason and benefit specific countries and some people in Government.

The war wasn’t meant to be ours, unfortunately we met ourselves in the mix.

China recovered without vaccine, why is the West busy looking for one and test it in Africa and sell it here? Wow.

How many real cases have they brought on TV? Not the fake news to cover up corruption.

Actually coronavirus which is flu, just like common cold has no cure. Something you must learn to live with. It shouldn’t be a big deal.

And that’s what Magufuli knows unlike President Museveni. Magufuli knows it very well.

Article by Monicah Wakio , a researcher virologist bases in Wuhan Viral Research Center writes.