OP-ED: Why Ugandans want Bobi wine to be the next President

Politics is like beauty, it gains relevance at the beginning but questioned at the end when it fails to deliver. Ugandans have tested political beauty from various infertile politicians.

Ugandans are ready to support the ugly fertile Bobi Wine to celebrate the baby’s joy. Remember, in the end, the lady’s beauty is irrelevant in marriage when she fails to deliver a child.

Ugandans will not mind whether the lady has Chinese eyes if the eyes can have a clear sight. Many politicians with big eyes have been politically blind.

Ugandans will not care whether the lady has the big Baganda nose the moment it breathes in oxygen and out carbon dioxide. Those with best Banyarwanda nose have suffered from political asthma.

Ugandans will not bother if the buttocks and hips of the lady are like those of a white old lady after proving that the buttocks can sit down. Those with big buttocks and hips have failed to sit properly and exposed political lameness.

We have enjoyed much political sex from many politicians, Ugandans will not care about sweetness, they will care about delivery