Open Letter from Ugandan Youths to Bobi wine ahead of 2021 Elections

Bobi Wine and other politicians aligned to 'People Power' addressing reporters at Magere

Please Mr. Bobi wine, we are more than ready to commit suicide if you don’t stand for the presidency.

You are our saviour if Museveni rules Uganda for more seven years, what will a Ugandan have?

Museveni battled our grandparents, he battled our fathers, he is now battling the grandsons and daughters to expand his greediness and self-indulgence

Come 2021, Museveni be ready to rule our corpses if Bobi wine is not on the ballot.

Museveni and his Chinese are making us poorer, from biggest projects of power plant construction, loan provision, highway road construction, to being porters on road sites, hawking in kikuubo and working in supermarkets.

Museveni, you milked our fresh milk, you milked our tears, you are milking our blood, we have survived by god’s mercy, you want to milk our bones to force us to collapse and die, 2021, be ready for the battle of hungry weaponless Ugandans.

Our local businessmen are running out of business because of URA, Uganda landowners are becoming squatters on their own land, our fellow youth are jobless, we are cried tears, we are now crying blood if we offer Museveni some more time, the last option will be perishing.

Bobi wine please, come and punch a heavy political blow in Museveni’s face, we have all that it needs to burry him.