Open letter to Elwelu from People Power camp concerning his plans of annihilating Bobi wine

Earlier on Gen Elwelu threatened to crash Bobi wine and Opposition MPs if they don’t give up chaos. Elwelu advised the legislators to stick to their job of enacting laws rather than creating anarchy in the country.

The people power supporters have penned down this emotion letter to put Elwelu in his due position. LETTER GOES ON LIKE THIS

With all due respect Gen. Elwelu, it was so ashaming to warn MPs and Bobi wine(Civilians) in general as a person that you will crash if he (they)don’t stop their chaos.

As a reminder about your history if at all “power“has taken you by storm. You joined the NRA in 1987 not as a person who loved the army but simply because of fear.

This was after the heinous “Corner Kilak Massacre” of 18th Jan 1987 according to The Standard, dated January 21, 1987, which operation was under Fred Rwigyema where about 600 innocent civilians were killed in Acholi who had assembled at the Corner Kilak Administrative center for Rwigyema to address and the rest is history.

As a result, the Uganda Peoples Democratic Movement was formed as a way of rising against oppression characterized by massacres, destruction of homes, food and their means of livelihood.

I suppose that by this time you were an energetic man in your early 20s with the capacity to resist those atrocities, but with that cowardly heart, you decided to join the NRA and no wonder with your poor background you decided to do the same in November 2016 to the innocent civilians of Kasese.

Much as revenge is a dish best served when cold, but you are revenging on the wrong people. Power seems to corrupt individuals but time will tell, you can ask #AhmedKashilingi, #DavidSsejusa, etc

It has come to light that your regime lives on deceit and brutal force. The very harsh police state was presented abroad as very humane, the army was praised as very discipline, genocide being regarded as pacification of rebels, the crushing poverty afflicting every Ugandan home is blamed on past regimes, and even in a clearly stated exercise of Democracy the order of “SOLE CANDIDATE” has always superceeded in your government.

The fact is that in Bosco’s government, whatever is praised is fraudulent; but made beautiful yet underneath the surface, death, poverty, and misery are the realities of Uganda under Bosco. #BobiwineKuntikko