Otafiire: “Apart from coining useless slogans what else can Bobi wine Offer”

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Major General Kahinda Otafiire has said that Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine is only good at sloganeering and can’t be trusted with power.

Otafiire said that Bobi Wine has never been tested politically and there is need to way him before putting him on the ‘steering wheel’.

Otafiire made these remarks while appearing on the NBS Television’s Thursday night political show dubbed NBS Frontline.

“I don’t think Bobi Wine’s popularity is due to his political arguments. It is because of music and what he has been doing is sloganeering. Before we put Bobi Wine on the steering wheel, we must weigh him. There is time for excitement in politics and time for thoughts,” Otafiire noted.

Otafiire said that when a country like Uganda is casting a vote for a leader, there is need to think twice and this calls for some one who can hold a political argument with ideas which is more than Bobi Wine can provide.

He added that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) is still popular and this will be seen on the ballot paper in 2021 when the country goes for the general elections.

On the recent presidential appointments to influence voters in ghetto, Otafiire said that they are part of NRM’s strategy of reaching out to the strata of society.

He said that, for years the people living in the ghetto have been marginalised and called names by those that are educated and this country belongs to them which is not what NRM represents.

“President Museveni is trying to reach out to the strata of society. They call them (people from the ghetto) lumpens but I wouldn’t want to call them that. There is no excitement about this,” Otafiire noted.