“Our sacrifice was great, No amount of Money can compensate it” Gen Elly speaks out

Gen Elly Tumwine

Uganda’s Notorious Security Minister Gen. Elly Tumwine has uttered a statement that has left many Ugandans wondering how they deserve to pay respected.

According to Full star General, no amount of money is enough to compensate for the sacrifices they made during the 5 year bush war that succeeded in January 1986.

While speaking to Journalists outside parliament on Thursday, Elly Tumwine said he was so much disappointed that he was found guilty by parliament yet he sacrificed so much for the establishment of peace and justice in Uganda.

Elly Tumwine was found guilty by Parliament committee investigating his alleged physical assault on Dokolo woman MP Cecilia Ogwal.

“Those who think they can pay us; what can they pay me? Nobody can pay our people who sacrificed, shed blood, the living and the dead. No price,” said Tumwine.

The one-eyed general is credited for opening up the NRA resistance’s attack by firing the first bullet on the first day of an unsuccessful attack at Kabamba barracks on February 6th, 1981.

General Tumwine stated that the 5 years struggle is the highest price “ultimate price”.

“We call it the ultimate price. Ultimate price is the highest price which if anybody wants to remove it from the books of history, we shall fight for it to keep it there and it can’t be rubbed,” he added.

He issued a statement blaming the parliament of being prejudiced against him yet He is Considered a Hero in Uganda’s struggle towards prosperity.

His fellow minister, Sarah Opendi a Health State Minister, referred to Elly as a bully during the committee hearing. Opendi is the wife of MP Atkins Katushabe (FDC), who accused Tumwine of disrespecting Parliament.

As recommended by the committee and adopted by the House, Tumwine is waiting to be reprimanded by the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga. Something the General does not agree with