Bobi Wine and other politicians aligned to 'People Power' addressing reporters at Magere on Wednesday

Politics in the August parliament takes a twist as Aruu legislator Odonga Otto task officials from the office of the president to allocate orientation programs for opposition members in the National Leadership Institute of Kyankwanzi (NALI).

Initially, the government has been using the facility for benchmarks and the orientation of NRM legislators on the programs of government.

While appearing before the public accounts committee of parliament chaired by Nandala Mafabi, the officials from the office of the president led by Hajji Yunus Kakande were put on task to explain why Kyankwanzi which was meant for National service in 1969 during Obote’ regime turned into a center for party activity during Museveni’s reign.

Odonga Otto (Aruu county) told the public accounts committee that just like Egypt and Uganda, the source of the Nile cuts across the opposition and ruling MPs.

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Now first look at the profile of opposition politicians, Kyagulanyi Robert, Kiiza Besigye, Nobert Mao, Nandaala Mafabi, Salaamu Musumba, Odonga Otto, you first need to take them there to Kyankwanzi if its a national institute.

“So we want the office of the president to tell us in writing when these opposition members will go and attend that training in Kyankwanzi, because some of these problems we’re getting may also be due to lack of appreciation of your world views”.

Tony Ayoo (Kwania county); “There is no excuse on this one when it comes to patriotisms, that parliament irrespective of their size of NRM, opposition, and independents, you should have a program where all can unite and leave politicking at parliament and focus on building the nation.”

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Nandala Mafabi: “Why do you take only MPs from NRM to Kyankwanzi?, supposing FDC as a party wants to use the facility, can you allow Nandala or opposition to train and learn how to handle a gun?”

Kakande told the public accounts committee that State House has been extending orientation programs for councilors across all parties and if the opposition is interested nothing will deter them from accessing the facility.

The officials from State House were appearing before the public accounts committee of parliament to answer queries of the auditor generals report of 2017/18 where they were faulted for misusing Shs 9 billion for patriotism in secondary schools.