Pastor Sempa: “Bebecool is illuminati & his Ring signifies death”

Renown city pastor Martin Ssempa came out with a clear meaning of singer Bebe Cool’s monster golden middle finger ring revealing that it represents golden death.

This was when Douglas Lwanga was wishing BebeCool the Rasta Man a happy birthday.

One of the fans retweeted Douglous’s tweet with a comment asking if anyone knew the meaning of Bebe cool’s Golden ring.

Many People especially Silent Majority and Gaga mel fans put up a few guesses defending their own but this didn’t stop Pastor Ssempa from giving out his own shocking view

According to Pastor Ssempa, The golden ring is a symbol used by Members of the illuminate association and the one wearing it is the bringer of death.

Having set his eyes on the photo, Pastor Ssempa was quick to retweet the photo as he asked the public to explain the meaning of the ring which his followers adhered to.

Ever since the pastor disclosed his own version of the hidden meaning of the ring, the Silent Majority leader and also Gagamel boss has not yet come out and give his own version of the ring.

However, Gagamel fans have since on been attacking Pasto Ssempa for not minding his own business and go on spreading blasphemous rumors