People Power funders and Bobi wine linked to Notorious rebel group

Opinion Article from Ex External Security Office & Independent writer Titus Serugga

Am here laughing at Ugandan’s shocked about the spying article in the US press, every government in the world has spying capabilities these are sold everywhere.

On spying on opposition leaders, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to me, the government does this all the time they must first know their source of support.

For Uganda’s case, Security agencies are kin to know if support is not coming from Uganda’s enemies say Rwanda and those sponsoring ADF Rebels.

Every serious government should query where Bobi wine gets the resources to travel around Uganda with a convoy of vehicles, traveling to Gulu for example would take a leader close to 5 million shillings,

if he attends two burials a week that will amount to 10m shillings inclusive facilitation and mabugo although Bobi doesn’t give Mabugo according to information gathered. To aspire for President Bobi Wine will need not less than 5 billion shillings.

Government fears are always on the source of funds, and the ability to overthrow a government using rebellion or even cause a downfall using dirty money.

Recently there is a group calling itself The People Agency TPA, this group has bases in congo and heavily sponsored by Rwanda’s Paul Kagame, the group runs an anti-Museveni/NRM propaganda website called

This group heavily associates itself with People Power and includes People Power logo on all its propaganda documentation, it’s publicity is most done by Mwanje Brandon John who uses WhatsApp number +256773765327.


According to Intelligence reports Mwanje was tracked in Congo and Rwanda in recent times. Intelligence is sure he works directly with the Rwandan Directorate of Military Intelligence, now the question that many need to respond to is that, is Mwanje in contact with Bobi Wine or any of his agents? If Yes who?

Mwenja and his group have confessed to being a rebellion group but People Power has not disowned their activities yet People Power Logo is being used and TPA relationship with Rwanda.

It’s possible People Power has nothing to do with the group but their continued silence speaks volumes thereby leaving the assumption that maybe they know a thing or two.

This tells you exactly why the government of Uganda can be spying on opposition leaders, spying is not bad, it’s gathering the information that can be hidden away from the public eye if Uganda had no such capacity to spy then the country would be at war already.

In conclusion, if the opposition is running a clean campaign with clean funds not from terrorists like Kagame and his DMI, and not from world knew terror groups then they shouldn’t get worried about spying to their calls, of course, the privacy issue comes in but what of the importance of National Security.

Opinion Article from Independent writer Titus Serugga(Left)