People Power official issues statement on security operatives collecting NIN for PP supporters

Bobi Wine and other politicians aligned to 'People Power' addressing reporters at Magere

People power officials have distanced themselves from an ongoing National ID verification exercise being conducted in various parts of the country.

According to reports Youths claiming to be from People Power are collecting NIN numbers for those suspected of supporting People Power.

Below is the official statement

We have received reports that certain youth groups ‘aligned’ to the People Power Movement have been collecting National IDs from individuals and noting down their respective NINs as part of an alleged voter verification exercise, among other unclear purposes.

Kindly note that as the leadership of the People Power Youth Wing, we have not formally or at all sanctioned such a “verification” exercise.

Nevertheless, kindly note that we have concluded arrangements to meet members of some of the groups which are said to be behind the purported “verification” so that we can discuss this and other emerging issues.

We implore all those who intend or may at some point wish to organize activities in the name of the People Power – Youth Wing to always reach out to us in advance so that we can harmonize our positions and give appropriate guidance in line with the official position of the People Power Movement’s top leadership.

Meanwhile, Bob wine commemorated the ARUA SAGA where he lost his driver and still battling court cases against him.

“Today marks exactly one year after Arua. That day, many of us nearly lost lives. Our brother, Yasin Kawuma was shot dead. To date, justice is yet to be served to those who carried out the murder and torture. ” Bobi noted

“Grateful to the world for standing with us! As we remember that day and the lives of our fallen comrades, may we all recommit ourselves to the struggle for human rights, justice, and freedom” Bobi wine posted on Facebook