People Power speaks out on a Man who was nailed for supporting NRM

Kasumba with his nails

Ugandan police have embarked on Investigation to identify under which circumstances a man identified as Baker Kasumba as NRM supporter was nailed in hands by six-inch nails.

Kasumba, 21, a resident of Avis Kavulu kalerwe a Kampala suburb left his workplace at Jesco Ham shopping center with intention of heading home, before reaching home he had spent a lot of time without visiting his mother. This forced him to change his plans and decide to check on his mother

Police claim that Kasumba who was clad in an NRM cap took a shorter route through Kalerwe but was intercepted at the flyover by two men who hit him on the head, grabbed him and nailed him with six inches’ nails.

According to the Police report, Kasumba was saved by two women who coincidentally found him lying down gasping for air. Kalerewe police would later arrive at the scene and whisk Kasumba away from medical attention in Mulago.

“He is currently on treatment in Mulago, but out of danger,” Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said.

People Power Die-hard speaks out


Judith Kukundakwe Asiimwe Claims this move was done by ISO to tarnish the Image of People Youths. According to her the NRM using security organs like ISO will claim that the evil act was done by the intolerable youths in People and thus rounding off anyone found wearing a Red People Power cap.

“I have reliable information from my sources showing that this mafia regime is using some goons CMI & ISO to do all this to tarnish the name of People Power” Asiimwe claims

“After realizing that PEOPLE POWER is indeed peaceful however much police provokes them, NRM decided that they attack and torture some of their members so that people think it is PEOPLE POWER doing it. It is what they did to this young man at kalerwe. They tortured him and crucified him so that they make people think its people power.” She Added

According to a reported narration from Kasumba, he claims that a few days earlier, a man had threatened him at his workplace to stop supporting the NRM and President Museveni. He, therefore, suspects the same man could have planned with others to harass him.

Police speaks out

Onyango said they believe the attack on Kasumba was planned.

“The attackers seem to have trailed him all the way from his workplace. This kind of political violence cannot be allowed in Uganda. This is not a good political strategy to whoever is using it,” he pointed out.

Onyango branded this as political intimidation, behavior he said the Police will not tolerate. He urged whoever is trying to employ political intimidation as a strategy to desist from it, lest they face arrest and prosecution. 

“We shall not accept this kind of political intimidation and whoever is using it should desist from it. We condemn the attack in the strongest term it deserves,” a statement from police reads.