Pia Pound & Rema in a new heated fight over Kenzo, Pia reveals how they used to “Do it” in studio

A new scandal has rocked Uganda’s Entertainment industry where singer Rema aka Mrs Ssebunya Rema Namakula brutally came out and retaliated against her fellow singer Pia Pounds who accused her of sabotaging her career.

Pia Pounds alleged that Rema worked so hard to destroy her career after she learned of Kenzo and Pia pounds of bonking themselves non-stop in the studio, something which didn’t amuse Mama Amal.

Pia reveals that by that time she was under Big Entertainment which belonged to Eddy Kenzo who was by then still in a relationship with Rema.

However, we learned also that Pia pound later was forced out of big entertainment after more rumors surfaced of her being chewed by another man who was known as the Big Boss of Banq Records

However, last week, Pia Pounds broadly came out and accuse Mrs. Ssebunya (Rema) of being the master planner behind her acrimonious exit, saying she blocked her then-lover, Eddy Kenzo from bankrolling her music career.

However, Rema has hit back, saying she doesn’t like responding to cheap talk but was forced to clear the air. Rema savagely said that she had after all taken pity on Pia Pounds for the time she spent at Big Talent.

“First of all, I don’t respond to cheap talk but Pia Pounds had no right to meddle with my private life and again, I was kind enough to let her stay at big talent despite the then whirling rumors about her and Kenzo” Rema Fumed.