Police: “officer arrested in the robbery was only a bad apple among the many good ones”

Enanga addressing the press on crime in the country during the weekly briefing

ASP Bright Amutuhire, the officer in charge of police operations at Kajjansi Police Station was arrested together with one Richard Musinguzi at Abayita- Ababiri in Katabi Town Council as they tried to rob Tom Kisuku, a businessman of Busega.

They intercepted Kisuku’s car by parking their vehicle in front of him and demanded money but the businessman who had alerted police was saved by a 999 patrol truck and Local Defence Unit personnel.

In a statement released on Tuesday afternoon, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said preliminary investigations indicate that Amutuhire used his uniform and authority to intimidate the victim with an intention of extorting money from him.

“The officer is being charged with discreditable conduct and together with the civilian for demanding by menaces. The public should, however, know that the majority of our officers are doing a great job of keeping communities safe and upholding the law as well as resisting the temptation of abusing their positions. We commend them for their good work,” Enanga said.

ASP Bright

He noted that a police team tasked to investigate the matter is looking into all the allegations and the previous misconduct and illegal actions of their own officer before he is held accountable for his discreditable actions.

“We urge any other members who could have been victimized by the officer to register their complaints with the Regional CID officer, Kampala Metropolitan South, Headquarters at Katwe.”

The police mouthpiece however applauded the media and members of the public for taking keen interest in how officers use authority and reporting the same.

“Exposing such officers is critical to ridding the force of bad officers. We do further want to reassure them, that management is doing its very best, to ensure all ranks are cleared of all forms of corrupt practices and that all officers involved in any illegal activity, are brought to justice,”Enanga said.