President Museveni to Relinquish Power During 2021 Campaigns

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

As the Uganda National Dialogue on ‘the Uganda we want,’ continues, residents have asked for a law that requires the President to relinquish power ahead of the presidential general elections.

The residents suggest that such powers should be passed on to the Chief Justice, contrary to the current situation where the president campaigns at the same time while in office.

The suggestions were made during a Citizens’ dialogue organized by the Uganda National Dialogue Co-ordinating Team (UNaDiCot) at Bukooma sub-county, Luuka district, on Wednesday.

Patrick Martin Ndabe, a resident of Bukaana A village, said the President should hand over the seat once the campaigns start. Ndabe said the law should include a clause that limits the resources that the incumbent uses during campaigns.

Ndabe cited the presidential convoy, which she said should be reduced to give a level ground for all the competing candidates in the race. ‘We want a level ground for all competing candidates, to promote a free and fair election,” Ndabe said.

Ndabe wishes that a retiring president should not be prosecuted, but that they are left to enjoy life in their country and not flee, like all the past presidents.

“This law should give immunity to the retiring president against prosecution from any possible crimes committed during their era,” he suggested.

On January 26 the Government marks the NRM Liberation Day, which Ndabe said was a selective celebration that he reasoned that needed to be scrapped. He also cited the annual Women’s Day celebrations on March 8 and Heroes Day of June 9, saying these should be celebrated once in every five years.

“Government injects a lot of money in these celebrations by fuelling vehicles of ministers and government officials, giving them allowances and paying for their accommodation, yet such funds can be used for service delivery,” he said.

Residents also pushed for the return of the age limit for presidential candidates. They said the age bracket should be maintained from 35 to 70 years and the term limits should be of two tenures