Pressure mounts Bobi wine as he is ranked among Poor Performing MPs

Kyadondo East legislator, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

Usuk County MP and Backbench commissioner Peter Ogwang came up with a motion to water down Bobi Wine’s political carrier and his presence in parliament

Bobi wine is accused of his frequent foreign trips where he gives less time to matters of his constituency. Ogwanga said Bobi’s actions are those an arrogant leaders whoa re not bothered of the well beings of their voters or subordinates

Ogwang, who is an instrumental NRM mobilizer and a power broker in Teso sub-region wondered how Bobi Wine who is Kyadondo East MP wants to be president of Uganda yet his legislation abilities have not been tested on the floor of Parliament.

Ogwang while appearing on the Cedric Live Show on UBC said Bobi wine is an inconsiderate MP who should stay out of parliament and concentrate on his Music career.

“Some people have not even spoken on the floor of Parliament for more than 5 times and they are claiming they want to be president. Imagine, you have not been captured on the Parliament Hansard for more than 5 times and you claim to be an expert in politics,” Ogwang. He partly blamed it in a society where everybody wants to be an expert on things they actually have no idea about.

“This is a challenge of our society. People claim to know much yet they actually know nothing.”

Ogwang said that some of the people who claim to be ‘experts’ in politics cannot even cite Rules of Procedure of Parliament.

“If you asked some of those who want to be president if they know the Rules of Procedure, you will be shocked they have no idea,” he added.

According to parliamentary records, it shows that Robert Kyangulanyi is not a regular speaker on the floor of Parliament and the last time he made news on the floor was on March 22 when he notified Parliament of his impending motion seeking better pay for police and army.

USUK MP Ogwang Peter

In 2016, the Nakawa grade two magistrate, Jolly Rose Onyango, ordered Ogwang to provide for his child; medical insurance, upkeep of Shs 400, 000 per month, clothing of Shs 300,000 after every six months, shelter worth Shs 450,000 and also pay the child’s school fees when the need arises.

When the orders went unheeded by the MP, the magistrate wrote to the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga authorizing her to attach part of the legislator’s salary to be paid into the account of the complainant in Centenary bank.

Bobi Wine decried the poor remuneration of the police, especially the lower ranks, saying it could be one of the reasons they are brutal while on duty.

“Having interacted with our security officers, I have come to realize that many works under unfavorable conditions; they are underpaid, poorly accommodated and they experience so much injustice and unfair treatment,” he said.

“I want us to remember that they are also humans like us, with families to look after and we should consider their plight as a matter of priority,” he added.