PROFILE: Who’s Joel Ssenyonyi’s wife Febress Nagawa?

People Power spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi surprised many when he got married to his beautiful lovely wife Febress Nagawa in a private ceremony and ever since then our team has been digging about her and here we have the results for you.

According to our trusted sources, Joel and Febress have been dating for a while now but fighting to keep their relationship from the public due to criticism and Joel Ssenyonyi’s political position but they had to let the world know about their marriage.

Febress Nagawa Ssenyonyi of Enkima Clan is a strong People Power supporter who has always shown her support to Bobi Wine and his agenda, something that impressed Joel to an extent of proposing to her.

Our sources also revealed to us that Febress is an accountant with the Insurance Brokerage firm Padre-Pio and has been doing this well-paying job for a while now so she another Miss Independent.

Even though little is still known about this mysterious beauty, our team is still digging around for more information and we shall definately keep you posted.