Profiling: Who’s Maj General Paul Lokech the appointed new Deputy IGP

In may 2020 the General was arrested briefly by Uganda Police for allegedly assualting a police officer on duty.

He was briefly detained at CPS until his matter was resolved.

He is known for having defeated Somali insurgents, Al shabaab, and chased them out of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

In December 2019, Maj Gen Lokech was sent to South Sudan on an assignment “to monitor on behalf of the guarantors of the South Sudan peace process, the assembling, screening, demobilization and integration of the armed forces of South Sudan.”

Maj Gen Paul Lokech is known and commonly referred to as the fixer, his appointment comes at a time when police needs serious cleaning up in operations

The arrest of Bobi Wine was seen as an operational mistakes as pointed out on this page.

The person who arrested Bobi Wine is suspected of working negatively against the current establishment, who put him there yet he was supposed to be on Kateebe.