Provisional Results showing Early lead for Asinansi of FDC & People people power

Vote counting in the Hoima Woman MP by-election is ongoing with Asinansi Nyakato, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party candidate enjoying an early lead in Hoima Municipality.

According to provisional results; at Hoima taxi park polling station Nyakato garnered 123 votes while Businge Mugenyi, the NRM flag bearer got 68 votes, at Bucunga polling station, Nyakato garnered 82 votes while Businge got 70, at Ruyanja polling station Nyakato got 152 votes while Businge 140 votes.

At Old Saints Church, Nyakato garnered 60 votes while Businge 31 votes, at Kezara polling station Nyakato, garnered 339 votes and Businge 231 votes, at Katasiiha fort cell polling station, Nyakato got 189 votes while Businge garnered 127 votes.

At Duhaga Girls Primary school, Nyakato garnered 303 while Businge got 199 votes, at Kijogo Polling station, Nyakato garnered 120 votes while Harriet got 97 votes.

At Kijungu polling station A, Nyakato garnered 450 votes while Businge garnered 123 votes. At Kyesiga East polling station, Nyakato garnered 216 while Businge garnered 202 votes, at Kibingo polling station, Nyakato garnered 177 while Businge 131 votes, at Kalyabuhire polling station Nyakato got 217 votes while Businge garnered 116.

The seat fell vacant after the incumbent Tophace Kaahwa Byagira opted to represent the people of the newly created Kikuube District that was carved out of Hoima and became operational on July 1, 2019.