Regime’s plan to silence Bobi wine ‘For Ever’ Back Fires

Bobi Wine is a political figure who came to Uganda’s political Arena unexpected and started his slogan of “Funa Endaga Muntu” (telling Ugandans to get National IDs). Accordingly, his move of Funa Endaga Muntu drove the state into a panick mode where desperate measures have been taken to silence him

Bobi’s supporter who heeded his call of Endaga Muntu claim that thousands of LDUs have been trained and one of their missions is to destroy all National IDs. As they patrol at night, they will arrest you, ask for your National ID, and if you present it, they will break it into pieces!

Bobi Wine attempts to engage the police

Tamale Mirundi an outspoken political analyst in Uganda while appearing to NBS Early this year said that killing Bobi wine would bring Uganda to a standstill that would see NRM regime losing everything in the shortest period of time.

“Even if you kill Bobi Wine today, you are wasting time, he is a parasite like HIV. He paralyzes your system.”

Mirundi said he was happy with Bobi Wine in Luzira or under house arrest because he can easily be gunned down and the country gets plunged into chaos.

On harassment by security forces, Mirundi said Bobi Wine is undergoing ‘political imbalu’ or initiation.

Tamale Mirundi

Desperate moves where taken to silence Bobi wine which included him being bribed to join NRM and drop his people power pressure group, Moles have been infiltrated into his circle but all of them failed to carry out their tasks and more importantly Bobi wine has seen his financial well-being being trampled on by state by refusing him to organize music shows a thing which has crippled him financially.

A source inside the regime revealed that they are designing one last desperate attempt to kill Bobi Wine’s political career, and that is securing at least one conviction against him in the multiple cases he is facing in courts.

Some Judicial officers are already stationed and briefed. This conviction will then be used to halt his political journey. The issue is that with the criminal record he would be disqualified from any contest be it local councillor, presidential, MP seat or Mayoral Seat.

The plan backfired as Evidence to be used in the mission mysteriously vanished in thin air and the plan schematics revealed to Bobi wine and his group. A move which has left the Mafia’s with one alternative.

“Killing Bobi wine to avoid change is like taking panadol to cure aids. The strategy is possible as the mouth can open for panadol to pass but the results are deadly as your body is helpless”

“When a wise son asks hard questions to a foolish father, he can be cruelly punished for being disrespectful” A one political analyst said