Revealed: How MP Nsereko & his Gang sold Kampala and Bobi wine to Museveni

The hammer has fallen on Kampala’s Central MP Muhammad Nsereko and his gang showing their politics is for money. According to the political investigator, the information he gathered is to the effect that after suffering a humiliating defeat in the elections in Kampala, Museveni hatched a plot to get an opposition-leaning leader, that would help him sort out the politics of Kampala.

Nsereko, Nabillah, Nakiwala, and Kamya clashed over that tender to deliver Kampala to him. Nabillah tried to convince him that she had a grip on the KCCA councilors belonging to FDC, whom she claims to have financially sponsored. Nsereko tried to outdo her by offering all the opposition councilor’s trips to Dubai.

Meanwhile, Saleh decided to pitch camp at Serene suites in Mutundwe to have hands-on management of Kampala politics. Nsereko was given colossal sums of money to woe MPS and other local leaders from Kampala and other areas.

That’s why they call him the supreme leader. He even started direct attacks against Kizza Besigye and defiance, claiming that Besigye and Lord mayor were hoodwinking people.

At that time of attacking Besigye on CBS, he had finalized arrangements to take FDC councilors of KCCA to Museveni, so as to begin launching a battle against Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

He had also taken Kato Lubwama and some MPS and mayors of division to isolate Lukwago. Kato Lubwama was considered powerful because of the Solida group, the TJ had assembled. When he was grilled by TJ leadership, he admitted having received UGX300M from Saleh. He used part of that money to buy that monster car he is now riding.

Some Solidas wanted to lynch him. He chose to undermine and insult Lukwago saying that the Lord mayor was deluded,hoping to get power without money.

However, His investigations discovered that the political terrain in Kampala is now a bit complicated for Nsereko, as Betty Kamya is playing a vital role in dictator Museveni. Besides, Kittata of Bodaboda 2010 (Who is currently in jail) disorganized his (Nserekos) plans when he mobilized councilors with Kayihura and took them to Museveni.

Nsereko that’s why he was jubilating when Kitatta was convicted for his crimes.

Fellow citizens that is the summary of the investigation. very sickening we would like to hear from you your views on this revelation.