Video: Ronald & Kusasira bitterly Clash Before Museveni At Serena Concert

Two of Uganda’s celebrated singers and Entertainers Catherine Kusasira and Ronald Mayinja Crash at Serena Hotel Kampala after Ronald Mayinja provocatively sings Bizzemu song at Kusasira’s concert.

The Concert was graced by H.E President Museveni and other several National Resistance Movement dignitaries.

Sources reveal that trouble at Kusasira’s concert started when Mayinja stepped onto the stage and performed his controversial song titled ‘Bizeemu’, which was believed to be directed towards Museveni and his NRM Government officials at the concerts

Mayinja’s performance of the song didn’t amuse Kusasira, who jumped out from backstage and immediately ordered the sound engineers to cut him off the microphone, because the song was not auguring well with NRM stalwarts in the audience, among the president Museveni.

Indeed Mayinja was thrown off the stage shortly thereafter, amidst protests from him and his fans.

When Kusasira was aked about the unfortunate saga, she said that “I didn’t like what Mayinja did. He was not supposed to sing that song. The DJ played a different song and he sang a song he was not supposed to sing.”

However, Mayinja said that “I sang what I had to sing. I couldn’t sing what I hadn’t planned to sing.”

But when President Museveni was commenting about Mayinja’s song he said that “This person who has sung about Bizeemu is not right. Although there are some of our beloved citizens who have been killed , it is not the government that killed them.

They were killed by killers who the government is fighting. But the past governments we fought were the ones killing people. Our government is  not killing people but fighting the killers! So there is no Bizeemu!”