Ruhinda residents urge Museveni not to retire after 20M donation

Ruhinda North

Residents of Ruhinda North constituency in Mitooma district have asked President Yoweri Museveni not to retire, but offer himself as their presidential candidate in the 2021 elections. They vowed to massively rally behind Museveni to ensure he wins the elections.

The residents made the call during meetings organised by their MP, Thomas Tayebwa, in different sub-counties. Benon Karyaija, the former LC5 chairperson of Mitooma district, said the residents want to reward President Museveni with another term of office because of the peace and stability he has brought to Uganda.

Ruhinda Farmers Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Limited, have commended the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Mrs. Janet Museveni, for a donation of sh20m. The money was delivered to them last week by Tayebwa.

Nalongo Otafiire, the chairperson of the group, said the donation would help improve their livelihoods. During the handover, Tayebwa also donated sh50m to the group. The group, which started in 2015 with only sh5m, now has sh300m in savings.

“We support him because of many things that have happened during his term of office. He has tamed the army and brought peace not only to Uganda but the region,”


Benedina Twesigomwe, a resident of Kibale village and Alex Byamukama from Kirama town council, said they see no any other leader who is fit to lead Uganda. “Museveni is the best team leader we have as a country.

He is still energetic and has all it takes to lead this country. If you want to prove that he is strong, observe him during the reading of the National Budget, other leaders, including young ones sleep except him,” Byamukama said.

Tayebwa commended his voters for the decision.

“Today I was excited to see my voters supporting President Museveni to be a sole candidate of the NRM. Indeed, Museveni is still the best person to lead this country,”