Rwanda turns to Mwenda & Besigye’s wife Byanyima accusing them of Double standards

Uganda’s motor-mouthed journalist Andrew Mwenda is facing it rough from his alleged former employers accusing him of not fulfilling his obligations or what he has been being paid for.

In a state-owned newspaper called New Time’s featured an article entitled “Uganda-Rwanda crisis: Andrew Mwenda can no longer feign neutrality” in it the Rwandan editor accused him of double standards.

Mwenda is a veteran Ugandan journalist owning his own News Media company publishing the popularly known Independent Magazine.

The editor accuses Mwenda that On June 3, 2019, Andrew Mwenda wrote an article in his The Independent Magazine titled “Uganda and Rwanda’s slippery slope.” Mwenda asked the question, “So what is the issue between the two countries?” in order to “give a general picture of the things that have torn our two countries apart.”

In this story, according to Rwanda Andrew Mwenda is accused of giving vague reasons for the issues causing the Uganda Rwanda border conflict well aware that it’s Solely Museveni the trouble causer.

“Uganda may now also deploy her troops at the border to scare Rwandan security from entering as it claims they did last week,” Mwenda writes in a clear blow to his cover as a neutral commentator on the conflict. He is an open partisan to the conflict.

They liken Mwenda to Winnie Byanyima who they praise for criticizing Museveni on the Rwanda question in 2001 but has since made a U-turn. They express resentment at Byanyima’s recent utterances which were critical of Kigali regarding the latest fallout.

“The loss of courage by Andrew Mwenda and Winnie Byanyima to name things as they actually are is the real tragedy here not the specious prediction of an alleged inevitability of war. This is nowhere on the cards,” the article concludes.