Rwandan caught trying to bribe Uganda’s court martial officials

A group of spies from who are believed to be of Rwandan descent belonging to the Kijambiya squad were recently arrested by Uganda security operatives and are currently being detained at Luzira maximum security prison.

The security agencies had been looking for this group due to them giving Ugandans sleepless nights and according to unconfirmed allegations they were accused of trying to destabilize the relationship between  two sister countries Uganda and they have also working together with the opposition to fail the current regime.

The detained Rwandans include yakalemye Claude, Rwamucho Emma, Rutaitsire Augustine and Nzabahizi they are being charged under the Court martial.

A Rwandan who identified himself as coming from Rwandan embassy was seen trying his level best to bribe a court martial official in order to drop the charges unfortunately the officials refused to cooperate and ended up exposing him.

The Rwandan embassy in Kampala disassociated themselves from the man’s activities to bribe the officials. During the investigation it was discovered that the money was first handed to a lawyer called Kiiza Aaron who tried to give it to court martial

Rwandan officials believe that the suspect belongs to a rebel group headed by Sankara and the aim was to discredit the Kigali government and frame the Rwandan Embassy in Kampala.

Other efforts that were being employed included hiring fake witness. So far a one Agaba Fred Enoch who claims to be an ISO operative yet he isn’t was also arrested on attempt of giving false testimony during a court martial hearing.